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Learning at School – Resources for Teachers

Ed City Online Seminar Series – Teaching with Technology

This seminar helps teachers use emerging technologies to engage their students in exploring science and technology, math, the liberal arts and humanities. Designed for preschool, elementary, and secondary educators. The online seminar guides learners through choosing, integrating, and assessing use of educational technologies. Interactive case studies and real world examples. To learn more email ed |at|

Online Resources for Teachers

Khan Academy – Videos for self-paced learning.

TED – A library of “curiosity-igniting” videos on a variety of topics.

Annenberg Media – Teacher professional development and classroom
resources across the curriculum.

Library of Congress – Classroom material and teacher professional development.

Discovery School – Free classroom resources interactive games, puzzles and lesson plans.

Citizen Scientist – Kids gather data for scientists. – All about the world that is too small to see. – The science and technology of making tiny things.